About Us

Hi! & Thank you for visiting my page. 

I’m Michelle and I’m the owner and creator of The Wax Melt Hut. I am the designer, packer, maker, sorter and generally, the wheels that turn behind my business. 

Back in 2014, my husband decided that he would like to build a log cabin at the bottom of our garden.  After receiving hundreds of pieces of wood, he got started and the hut was born. With us both working full time, we never really got the chance to enjoy the hut (apart from when the football was on and I’d escape with a glass of wine and the cat and watch my TV in the hut)

In early 2018, I was made redundant from my PA job after 12 years. Having always had candles and melts “on the go” I decided to try and make my own wax melts – why not!  After days, weeks and months of researching products and the legalities of making and selling melts, I was off.  Stood over my hob, with a tiny pan of water and melting wax… it seems such a long time ago now! I spent many days and late nights running into early mornings with tantrums and tears to “get it right”. We started to refer the hut as the ‘Wax Melt Hut’ and well.. it kind of stuck! 

To start with, I decided to recruit my family and friends to try my melts and  for them to give me some feedback – I was so amazed with how much they all loved them! I decided to “give it a go”.  I created gift boxes of melts and burners, all different shapes, colours and sizes for all budgets. I attended craft fairs, Christmas fetes and started selling on social media, I decided to host my own website in May 2020.  

I must give a mention to my hubby. He’s been so supportive since the start, he has come up with some great ideas from colours to scents and gift box combinations. Thank you Paul!

Being a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to all things ‘techi’, I am so pleased to say that I now have my saviour, Lucie working along side me. She’s helping me out with all things creative from our Facebook & Instagram pages to the Website and my new re-branding (we hope you like it!). Our daily conversations consist of new ideas that we’ve had from our lightbulb moments! 


I was completely blown away with the response when I first launched, and I still am today. Words can’t quite describe how thankful I am to all of my customers.  I love what I do and when I receive positive feedback and see returning customers, makes it all so worthwhile.